Auto Drain Valve


Earlier D-1 Auto drain valve to WABCO part no 55116 and WABCO test specification no. T-2202-0 was being used for automatic draining of moisture from Main Air Reservoirs in Diesel and Electric locomotives. But in WDG-4 & WDP-4 locomotives a different type of auto drain valve, as per DLW part No. 17390059, is being used. Based on experience with working of this type of  Auto-drain Valve on WDG4/WDP4 locos, it was decided to replace the existing D-1 Auto Drain Valve to DLW part No. 17390059 (WDG-4/WDP-4 type) with immediate effect. In this regard, an instruction bulletin no. MP.IB.BK.05.19.08 Rev.00 has also been issued to all Zonal Railways & PU'svide this office letter no. SD.DEV.28LAV-1 dated 25.06.2008 and Instruction belletin no. MP.IB.BK.05.19.08 Rev 01 and conveyed through letter no. SD.DEV.28LAV-1 dated 29.12.2008/07.01.09